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    About Us

    We attract our patients from all around the world, especially from Europe and the Middle East, and provide them an accurate and reliable health services where we focus on patient’s comfort and wishes. We see health as a whole, meet your aesthetic needs, and becoming exist in the solution of your health problems. We produce reliable solutions to your health problems from hair transplantation. In addition to our specialized medical team and the experience of all the staff and administrators we will be with you in all the stages of your treatment, and we will arrange a hotel reservation and transportation free of charge.

    Why We Perform Hair Transplantation in Istanbul ?

    • Reputable and Experienced Doctors in Turkey
    • Affordable Hair Transplantation Prices in Turkey
    • A Class Hotel and Hospitals
    • Interpreter and Health Consultant

    Hair TR brings together the physician who is an expert in his/her field and has the highest reference and advice rate, with you. In fact, the success of the Turkish Hair Transplantation Centers is a very valid reason to make you have this operation performed in Turkey also Hair TR, with the price policy, performs Hair Transplantation in Turkey with more affordable prices compared to not only Europe but also many countries of the world.Team conducts operations in internationally accredited fully equipped hospitals. In this context, Turkey is creating a golden opportunity. The hotels that we have an agreement were designed for your comfort. We consider your health first with our hotel options close to the hospital.

    From the moment you arrive in Istanbul, the health assistant will manage the whole process with you. You will have both a consultant and an interpreter. As Hair TR, we proudly would like to mention that we do not leave you alone at any stage.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Is it safe to make a plantation in Turkey?
    Hair transplantation is not a surgical operation. Therefore, there is no risk of death. This process is carried out in numerous clinical safely in Turkey. At the same time, Turkey is a country that has developed itself in this regard. The high competition in prices has made Turkey a cheaper compared to other European countries. Better hair transplantation operations are being performed in Turkey than many European countries.
    What is the cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey ?
    Hair transplantation in Europe and America is on average around $ 15,000. In Turkey, the price of this process varies between 1,500 and 4,000 dollars. Also there is no difference in quality compared to European countries.

    Hair transplantation success rate is a very high process. There is usually a success rate of 99 percent. Almost all patients are satisfied with the procedure. If hair and head structure of the patient is not suitable for hair transplantation, this process is not applied to the patient from the beginning.

    How long does hair transplantation take ?
    Hair transplantation process takes between 6-8 hours on average. After the hair transplantation process, patients have to stay in Turkey average 4 days.

    In Fue hair transplantation method, the patient firstly undergoes blood examination and determined whether he is suitable for the operation. If the patient is suitable, the hair is shaved with special shavers prior to the operation. The area for donation is marked and local anesthesia is performed. The hair follicles obtained from the back of the ear are then implanted in the hairless area. 2000-2500 grafts can be taken in a single session according to the condition of the donor area. A second session can be performed depending on the need for more grafts. White dots appear in the area of application. These dots disappear over time and do not leave any traces.

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